TW Kayaking

We currently have the following kayaking dates remaining for this season:
  • March 8- Sunday- 5:40 p.m. meet at TW Clubhouse- Full Moon Cruise-Spanish Pointe to Midnight Pass
  • March 21- Saturday-1:00 meet at TW Clubhouse- Boca Grande
  • April 2- Thursday- 1:00 meet at TW Clubhouse- Woolverton Trails, Placida
  • April 18- Saturday- 1:00 meet at TW Clubhouse- tentative Don Pedro Island 
Great opportunity to get started kayaking.  
Tour Only (your own kayak):  $10 per person 
Single Kayak Rental:  $40 (includes tour, kayak, jacket, paddle)       
Tandem Kayak Rental: $40 per person, $80 total (includes tour, kayak, jacket, paddle)
Click HERE for detailed information.  If you wish to sign up or have any concerns or questions, contact Bert/Debby Noyes,   

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