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Lazy Daze & Dazies

Lazy Daze was created in 1987. A group of five men thought it would be a good idea to clean the Tangerine (TW) streets. Truck traffic involved with the construction of homes messed the streets with mud and dirt. The men brought their own brooms and shovels and proceeded to be responsible for keeping the TW streets clean. As time went on, the group of men increased in number, and they began to take on more maintenance projects.  For many years they were financially independent. They raised their own money to purchase needed equipment. Much of the equipment they used in the early years was their own.

In 2007 the TW Board of Directors voted to provide financial support for Lazy Daze. Several line items in the budget provide for the purchase of all equipment and parts for Lazy Daze to use in their activities.

In 2022, after Hurricane Ian, many woman joined in the cleanup efforts and became known as the Lazy Dazies. This wonderful group worked tirelessly in the weeks and months after the hurricane to remove the seemingly never-ending piles of debris from the streets, lakes and woods. TW owes its recovery in a large part to the Lazy Daze and Dazies group!


They are all volunteers who meet every Monday. They are easily identified by their orange shirts. Their work day is 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.; however, work is also accomplished by different members throughout the week as needs arise.

This Lazy Daze & Dazies volunteer group are an integral part of Tangerine Woods operations. Through their efforts, our association dues are reduced and the overall appearance of our community has a well groomed look.

NOTE: Although the mission of Lazy Daze is to act as the maintenance department of Tangerine Woods, the organization has an active social life. A few times a year, the members put on their aprons and take over the clubhouse kitchen and great room to serve 300 or more breakfasts. An annual Lazy Daze luncheon is held each spring to honor the workers by the members of the community. The event of the year is the annual spaghetti dinner for all Lazy Daze members and spouses. A special recognition is made to widows of deceased Lazy Daze members.

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